People have different point of view for their location. Some of them prefer traveling by plane and some of them prefer traveling by ship. Both this transportation offer each advantageous and disadvantageous. The purpose of this essay is to compare the atmosphere, types of activities, time, and cost of traveling.

I am going to discuss plane first. The aspects I am going to discuss are the atmosphere, types of activities, time, and the cost. The atmosphere in a plane is totally different from ship.,r:2,s:0For people who do not really care of getting an excited feeling in travelling, a plane will be the right choice of transportation for them because they usually want to have an express transportation. A normal plane only has chairs and a small restroom so we can not do many activities we only can sit and go to the rest room. One the advantageous travelling by plane is faster. Traveling by plane is 10x faster than by ship. Traveling by plane is safer and more comfortable that is why traveling by plane cost a little bit more expensive. It depends on their personal, they prefer to travel by plane or by ship.

I am going to discuss ship second. The aspects I am going to discuss are the atmosphere, types of activities, time, and the cost. People who prefer to travel by ship are people who want to have a different atmosphere in their vacation. Traveling by ship will offer you many amazing moments. You can feel how the ships move, feel the wind, sometime if you are lucky you can see the wonderful sea animals such as dolphins and wheels.  Ships have a large capacity so it is very suit for you who want to have a lot of activities. Ships will provide you many facilities that just like in 5 stars hotel. You will get your own bedroom where there are a bed, and a bath room in your room. You can do activities just like in your home. You can go swimming in the pool, sunbathing, and on the evening you can join a cocktail party in the ship hall. Traveling by ship of course will take longer time than by plane but it will not make you bored because ship offers you many facilities. Traveling by ship a little cheaper than by plane in other case treveling by ship can be more expensive than plane if we chose the luxurious ship.

It does not matter what place a person decides to choose. For me I prefer to traveling by ship because ship offer many activities and the situation Is very comfortable but sometimes it is better to take a travel by plane in case I need to get hurry.



  1. sabil

    so far so good…
    from the grammar side you are good…
    but you can add more supporting details to make your essay more interesting…

    just revise it to make it better..


  2. Giya Erina

    Hi Kiky,.
    Thanks to comment on my blog,..

    I think your essay is good enough,..
    I am interested about it,.
    And I just find a little bit mistake.

    I think you can write the aspects about plane and ship that you want to write in paragraph one as introduction,.

    I think that’s all,.
    Keep writing,.

  3. Gusneldi Andyra Putra

    Your Contrast Essay is good …
    You can explain a lot about traveling by plane or by ship …

    However , i can find some mistakes your essay, like :
    Pragraph 2, line 13 … “Traveling by plane is safer” …
    I think it is better for to write down safety …

    So far so good, and keep Writing ^_^ …

  4. Rahmailis

    haii aulia..
    thanks for your comment..
    i thinks your essay is good..
    improve again your knowledge and do the best than now..


  5. mila

    your essay is good enough,,

    keep pay attention about grammar, diction, and punctuation mark,,

    that’s all from me!!!
    keep Writing!!!

  6. maya puspadini

    awlia,,,, your essay is great… eventhough i fing many mistakes for this….

    please be concern about grammar and add more ideas for each pharagraph….

    tq awlia

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